Don't demolish historical building



The city of Aiken, with its many restrictions related to historical properties, disregards historical significance when it serves the interests of the city.

Aiken County, operating with little public awareness, recently has announced the plan for demolition of the Aiken County Administrative Building to provide for construction of a new county facility at the same location. But a much more suitable property was offered, without cost, for that purpose -- but just outside the Aiken city limits, displeasing to city leaders.

In the fashion of political accommodation, the county will forgo the offered property -- which, as I recall, was 75 acres on the Robert Bell Parkway at Trolley Line Road, affording easy access and plentiful parking, unlike the congested, present location.

The building to be demolished is one of the most historical buildings in the city and county, being the old Aiken County Hospital, where many can trace our heritage, and which provides ornate architecture at that primary entrance to the city.

The best interests of the public are not served by this action.

D. Michael Taylor

Graniteville, S.C.


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