Don't push socialism on the people

A recent Gallup poll indicates that a majority of Democrats (61 percent) believe that socialism is preferable to capitalism!


President Obama, from his earliest years, was exposed to communism from his father, his stepfather, his mother and his maternal grandparents. He has appointed communists to be his advisers, and claims one as his mentor! So the apple does not fall far from the tree. The thing about the socialist form of government is that it only elevates the government, while reducing the people to the lowest common denominator.

Your Democrat friends and neighbors are not only willing to give up the freedoms and opportunities they were guaranteed by the Constitution and have enjoyed for more than 230 years, but they blithely will give up yours also! They either are ignorant of or are ignoring the fine examples of socialist experiments that history has presented to them.

Starting with the now-defunct Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea the People's Republic of China and now Venezuela, all are textbook cases of mismanagement, cruelty, disregard of their citizens' human rights and loss of freedom of the individual.

The state of Virginia has now become the 35th state to invoke the 10th Amendment to the Constitution and exempt itself from socialist federal policies, such as the ObamaCare health "reform," which was contrived in secret and is about to be inflicted on us by Democrats and Obama, even though 73 percent of Americans oppose it!

Our elected representatives are sent to Washington to do the will and the business of the people. The people, finally recognizing what is transpiring, are speaking loudly in opposition every day, but the only response from this president and this Congress is ridicule and contempt!

Robert Smock




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