Education system faces wrong direction



I am amazed and angry when I see the direction of our educational system. True, some of what we see happening locally is a result of policies that come from state and national levels. Regardless -- Houston, we have a problem!

When we hear that schools are proposing having larger classes with fewer teachers, and our performance is already low, there is a problem. How can we sit by and allow the system to throw at us policies that cannot possibly work? How do you have low performance with 30 kids in a classroom, but expect to do better if you increase a class of 30 to 40 with no more help for teachers? Wait -- maybe that's it. We are not planning to do better.

Solution: We must, as parents, make our voices heard. Too long we have been played by the system. While we play race cards; do not support our teachers; often do not maximize our involvement in the school system; and allow our children to go to school ill-prepared, our children in many cases are being cheated.

When did we make education so low a priority? If it was No. 1, we would see totally different results. We could have a system in which people would be proud to send children to public schools; where pupils are excited about school because the morale and expectations are so high that it is contagious; and where kids are prepared for their next chapter in life when they graduate high school.

But on our current course, it is like watching a train wreck!

My heart goes out to teachers who work hard and have a vision for kids but have become disheartened because they feel no one really rallies for them -- so from day to day they just exist, wondering if their jobs are secure. Passion declines daily as they hold their breath and count days to 180 -- then another school year has passed. What a career!

The Rev. Roscoe F. Perry



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