Mayor measures twice, cuts once



There is an axiom that was first related to me by my grandfather: "Measure twice and cut once." I do believe that Mayor Deke Copenhaver is doing just that.

Please do not consider me an interloper, but before Deke Copenhaver became mayor of Augusta, the Augusta city government was a fiasco. I retired here in 1986, and do believe in the Fourth Estate. I have been a subscriber to your paper from the day of my arrival in the CSRA. To read about the shenanigans going on at Augusta Commission meetings was embarrassing.

To borrow a saying from our Army's artillery, Mayor Copehaver has " lent dignity to what otherwise would have been a vulgar brawl!" But these past few weeks your editorial staff has been extremely hard on the mayor. With all the lawsuits that have been filed and payoffs to some not-so-qualified personnel, I can understand why Mayor Copenhaver has "measured twice and cut once."

Does The Chronicle have an agenda? Impressions are that the editorials suggest that The Chronicle may have its own candidate to support for the next mayor.

Stephen B. McMillan




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