ASU could take fiscal lessons from Paine



Regarding the education budget shortfall announced by Gov. Sonny Perdue for Georgia's institutions of higher learning;

Recently the budget reduction announced by the state amounted to approximately 30 percent for Augusta State University. William Bloodworth, president of Augusta State, said that the reductions would hurt Augusta State, and he is trying hard to find ways to soften the blow to the school's overall operations.

I would like to say to Dr. Bloodworth that perhaps now is the time for he and George C. Bradley to establish a dialogue.

Dr. Bradford, at Paine College, has been providing quality education to his students with comparatively meager funds. Paine has never, in its 128-year history, had the luxury of funds at the level Augusta State has enjoyed from the very first day of its existence. So now maybe a workshop with Paine by the financial personnel at Augusta State would be in order. I can't speak for Dr. Bradley, but I believe that he wouldn't mind providing the help ASU may need.

Some will see this letter as a slap at major white universities, and they perhaps would be right. But also see this as a wake-up call, because America has too often overlooked its state-supported black colleges and universities; this is no secret to all Americans, both black and white.

Augusta State, take your swing -- it's your turn at the economic plate. Black colleges and universities have been striking out for all too long, but they have grown and they have learned how to succeed.

Joseph Diggs Sr.




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