Limbaugh right? Numbers say otherwise



Yes, indeed, Rush Limbaugh is getting paid $400 million for always being "right." Every hour of his show since President Obama's advent, Limbaugh has said that bailouts and re-regulation of our banking system, Wall Street and the trillion-dollar recovery act will lead to the collapse of our nation.

A year later, however, I've built my pillbox, stocked it and I'm still waiting for Limbaugh's econo-pocalypse.

So what do we get instead of the much anticipated econo-pocalypse? The stock market has risen almost 5,000 points -- generating so much profit the bailed-out banks and Wall Street have paid back most of their loans. That's profit President Obama wants to tax and apply to lowering the budget deficit. Yet who is rabidly against doing this? Yup, the $400 million man.

Now, I'm not saying Obama has cured all our nation's ills and evils (Limbaugh still exists, after all). Our recovery has been pretty much jobless, though the unemployment figures from the last quarter of 2009 show the most significant drop since President Bush in overall unemployment, from 10.1 to 9.7 percent. And if Obama keeps on truckin', those unemployment figures and the economy can only continue to improve. Tax revenue will increase with economic improvement, and the government should start paying down the federal deficit.

And inquiring minds want to know how much profit Limbaugh's investments made the last year, from the almost 5,000-point Wall Street Obama-bump. I'd also love to know when his rants will end about Obama being a socialist bringing on the econo-pocalypse -- when all Obama has done is save capitalism, and become the best buddy Wall Street and investors ever had!

D'oh! I forgot. A $400 million payday says, even when Limbaugh is actually able to enjoy an incredibly labored breath, he's right.

Nathan Kirby




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