You just can't deny climate change



Global warming is a misnomer -- it should be "climate change." And climate change is all about extremes -- more drought, more flooding, more blizzards, more hurricanes of epic strength, more earthquakes, more seas rising, more ice melting, birds and bees dying, etc.

Certainly, big business could never give up a dollar of profit to help the environment. And you can bet that the spokespeople for big business are out there doing their very best to make a joke out of what is called global warming. But the record snowfalls are much more proof of climate change than they are proof there is no global warming.

Climate change is real and will continue to accelerate whether you say it is so or not. Humans are the main cause whether you say so or not. Groups such as Monsanto and the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program are out there altering your weather -- so make fun of Al Gore all you like. I'll check back in 10 years and see how you feel then.

Arielle Smith

Washington, Ga.



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