Illegals create unfair playing field



As a local builder and economics major, I've got to ask: Where is the outrage?

Each day more and more local, legal, taxpaying subcontractors are being forced out of work and replaced with illegal, nontaxpaying, and non-English-speaking workers. While some builders are able to build very cheap houses in a short amount of time, don't they realize that property values and appraisals are going backward with an over supply of houses on the market. Subdivisions that once boasted new homes in the $300,000 range now have new homes being marketed in the low 200s.

Columbia County must not realize that lower property values result in a lower tax base. Local, state and federal governments are losing revenue because legal citizens are unemployed. To pour gas on the fire, a tremendous amount of the money being paid to these illegal workers is being sent out of the United States back home to their families in their native countries.

Some will argue that they are only using illegals to stay competitive. I say bring on the competition! Let's just demand that someone make sure everyone is playing on the same field by the same rules. We have to be legal to do business, and so should they!

Jeff McNair




Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:29

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