Could food bank spend more wisely?



Recently I received my mailing from Golden Harvest Food Bank announcing their annual spring campaign. For many years, I have directed all my charitable contributions, though small, to Golden Harvest because of my admiration for the great bang for the buck they provide.

Even in these difficult times, when more people need help and each of us is having to tighten his or her belt, including contributions, they have been able to hold the line, and provide four meals for every dollar contributed.

I understand that the expansion money was specifically set aside to build the new soup kitchen. I realize the need for space to seat, and equipment to prepare, for the burgeoning group in need. But with all the unoccupied buildings throughout the area (I assume not all the needy are downtown) surely a place could have been adapted for less than $1.5 million.

Whichever fund that money came from, it still represents 4.5 million meals.

Considering today's economic conditions, I wonder if this is the better choice for the use of resources.

Janell M. Lindsey

North Augusta, S.C.



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