Time is running out for arrogant Dems

Against my better judgment I watched the president's State of the Union speech. I instinctively knew that there would be nothing said that he hasn't already said a thousand times. I was wrong.


The lecture we got was one of the most condescending and arrogant spectacles I've ever witnessed. Some thought that the elections last year in New Jersey and Virginia would have given Mr. Obama a big heads-up. Then came Massachusetts -- yet another enormous hint to Mr. Obama. But after watching him, it is painfully obvious that he doesn't care to get it.

The arguments and issues important to the American people are meaningless to these people. That was something I fully expected and got. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.

So there is really nothing left to say except this: Come November, the American people are going to come out to the polls in numbers unheard of in a midterm election to send Mr. Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the biggest message of their collective political careers. Harry Reid will be defeated and ousted from the Senate. Nancy Pelosi won't lose her seat, but she will have to hand the speaker-of-the-House gavel to Rep. John Boehner R-Ohio.

And Mr. Obama will spend his last two years in office as a lame duck -- not as a "pretty good" president but as a president besting Jimmy Carter for the prized "worst president in history" award.

David B. Caudle



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