Revive Depression-era work programs

The idea itself may not be new, but I have not heard it mentioned as an alternative to the jobless rate in our nation. Why not bring back the work programs that built the dams, roads and bridges during the Great Depression?


There are many construction workers and laborers out of work. These people can be formed into companies and sent as disaster relief in Haiti, New Orleans and other disaster areas. They can rebuild these places and still receive unemployment compensation -- but instead, it will be called a paycheck. Put America back to work and become productive.

Unlike the fiasco with Hurricane Katrina, put people in charge of these projects and hold them personally accountable and liable for their actions. It was done before and can be done again.

Our president asked for suggestions. Well, here is one. But I do not believe anyone in Washington is listening.

James Sherrill




Fri, 11/17/2017 - 23:56

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