Elitist incumbents got us into this mess

We have an entrenched political elite whose turnover rate is lower than the parliament in the old Soviet Union. This group of parasitic scum has taken our once proud and productive country and made it a beggar nation, with a disappearing manufacturing base, a dysfunctional education system and a foreign policy that makes us a timid enemy and a treacherous ally.


Many senators and representatives have been in office for more than 30 years. If history repeats, most of these elitists will be re-elected by their crony capitalist supporters and their unions -- a shame, and unconscionable. Professional politicians have proved they are petty crooks at heart who feel entitled to deference and privileges unavailable to those they supposedly work for. That we continue returning them to office is a stinging indictment of our collective political intelligence.

Our current administration's proposed $3.8 trillion budget is a prime example. The political elite will fiddle with it, but it will be enacted, saddling us with another $1.6 trillion of new debt, costing more than $12,500 each for all 300 million-plus Americans. It will continue unrestrained growth in entitlements; pork-barrel spending; spending on specious anthropogenic global warming; and the lemming-like pursuit of "green" industries for which there is no market and less desire among the populace.

This spending will move us ever closer to a Soviet-style directed economy. The catalog of failures of federal programs is huge, and the listing of unintended negative consequences is long.

We can't afford to continue on this destructive path nor continue to endure a parasitic, ever-growing government. I will not vote for any incumbent for any federal or state office. They are the ones who have made this mess we're in. Let's vote them all out.

Larry Garner




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