Move all helpless victims out of Haiti



We have all witnessed horrifying pictures on the news and in the newspapers of the devastating effects of the earthquake in Haiti.

We all see the aid that we are trying to send to these people. I read in the newspaper there are 1.5 million homeless in this country at this time. I read that the roads are not passable, the airport is damaged and the port is practically unreachable.

What I don't understand is why there has been little evacuation of the seriously wounded, babies, small children, pregnant women and the elderly. I saw a picture in the newspaper of an elderly man lying in the street begging for water. The nursing home he was a resident of had been demolished and there was no place for them. There is no food, no water, no shelter and very little medical attention.

When Katrina hit the United States, we were unable to send in aid fast enough and had to start evacuation procedures to get the people out of the area so they could obtain food, water, shelter and the medical services necessary to sustain human life. If we were unable to get the aid to New Orleans in a timely manner with all of our resources, how can we possibly get them to Haiti?

I think we need to use the planes and ships we have to temporarily move these people out of this area to safety. The healthy people can stay behind to help clean and rebuild their country, but the helpless should not be left there to do without. Can we not see that this is the necessary and humanitarian thing to do, or are we afraid if we move them out they may not want to go back?

Emilie C. Bowles




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