JFK - a 21st-century conservative?



Today John F. Kennedy would have been considered an outcast in the Democratic Party.

In Massachusetts, newly elected Sen. Scott Brown, a conservative, used several campaign slogans reminiscent of JFK in his campaign. JFK introduced the Reaganomics theory before Reagan. JFK did not demonize the so-called evil rich as President Obama and the other progressives do today. He understood the way to generate more tax revenue was to encourage people with money to invest in the effort to make more money that would create growth and jobs for us less-fortunate people. As Reagan often said: A rising tide lifts all boats.

The progressives in power today believe in taxing the evil rich as much as possible and give to the less fortunate. JFK understood that kind of policy killed any economic growth.

JFK also understood that to protect our country we had to be strong. He knew that just pleading with our enemies did no good, and only showed signs of weakness. He demonstrated that during the Cuban missile crisis.

JFK believed in helping the poor, the disabled the elderly and other less-fortunate people. He believed there should be programs to help lift them up so that all able-bodied people of any race or color could make a good living. I don't believe he would approve of the welfare programs that LBJ started in which generation after generation of able-bodied families are made slaves of the government through entitlement programs.

JFK might not have been a Republican today, but he would have been considered a conservative.

Charles Cushman

Aiken, S.C.



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