Reform welfare, foreign aid in one blow

Here's a novel idea about reforming welfare.


While there are a number of problems in this country, the two I'm concerned with are welfare and foreign aid. Our country spends billions every year on foreign aid, pouring funds into an endless money pit. Closer to home, we also pour billions into entitlement programs that have proved to be for some an endless generational cycle as parents pass the welfare mentality on to their children and so on.

I believe that I have come up with a solution to both problems.

Considering that we have spent billions in some countries and have failed to substantially raise their standard of living, there needs to be a point at which we look for real change instead of merely giving it lip service. Most welfare recipients in this country complain that the amount given to them is substandard and insufficient for them to maintain a reasonable standard of living. If we meld these two problems, we can begin to see a solution where they intertwine.

If we form a cooperative program with the foreign beneficiaries of our labors and relocate our welfare recipients to these depressed areas where the daily wage is something akin to $2 a week, they could live like kings and queens. Their standard of living would instantly increase, and the host country would benefit by having a constant flow of funds pouring into their economy. We could even form further cooperative programs by forming welfare-to-work incentives for our foreign welfare recipients. It's a win-win situation.

Of course this idea would surely be resisted by some, and there will be those bureaucrats who say, "We won't be able to have enough control of our money." But do we really have control of either situation now?

Our politicians should honestly begin to search for solutions to problems -- no matter how unpopular they may be -- instead of merely try to get re-elected.

Dan Duncan

Aiken, S.C.



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