One-world government inches closer

One world government? Even in George Orwell's novel 1984, it sounds far-fetched. Is it?


Our secretary of state is currently working behind closed doors with the United Nations to compose and present, to all member nations, a treaty that could ban gun ownership. Cap-and-trade legislation was presented recently at the meetings in Copenhagen, and fortunately Al Gore's theory of global warming has been largely disputed and debunked by various scientific organizations, and the legislation is far from being passed or agreed on.

Our Second Amendment right to own guns is very much in danger! If this treaty is composed and finalized and presented to the United States, remember: We currently have a Congress that is largely anti-gun! We have a "president" who is licking his lips to sign such legislation that would overrule our Second Amendment. Does he envision himself as the president or emperor or king of a one-world government?

I don't know what his and Hillary Clinton's and Nancy Pelosi's hidden agendas are, but I don't like what I am seeing!

William Zimmerman




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