Politicians forget who empowers them

The Senate's passage of its version of health-care reform has shown what is totally wrong with the two-party political system.


It demonstrates that politicians are elitist (they know what is best for us, and disregard the desires of the electorate); they can be bought without consequences (they vote and then say, "I am going to retire; it's too hot in the kitchen"); and they have a total disregard for the Constitution.

The entire process has been openly wrought with lies and sleight of hand. They assume the voters are uninformed and will never understand what is going on. The process we are witnessing shows that the government wants more control, and that it continues to feed like a shark -- on itself.

Elections do have consequences, but until those who really care stand up and demand fiscal responsibility; replace career politicians with honorable people with common sense who are not worried about being re-elected; demand personal accountability; and insist on reducing the size of government -- nothing will change.

There is now a growing movement in South Carolina that demands our representatives challenge the federal government on many issues where the fed is overstepping its power. I would hope that Georgia and many other states join the fight. To date, 13 states are on record challenging the constitutionality of health-care reform (just one of many issues).

When the Constitution was ratified, it was not by the people, but by the states who were empowered by the people.

Ron Pieper

North Augusta, S.C.



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