Don't forget quandary with health care

While I understand that the Haiti disaster is the primary focus of the government and the press today, I would suggest this is a convenient diversion from the real issue regarding the future of this country.


We have essentially a one-party congressional system that has decided that a health-care bill -- regardless of whether is solves the country's health problems -- is the only path forward. Consequently the Democrats have locked the Republicans out of the debate on the details of the plan, and have continued to selectively pick certain stakeholders to bribe to move their plan forward.

It is ironic that Scott Brown, the Senate successor to Ted Kennedy -- a principal author of the health-care-for-all bill -- likely will cast the vote that returns sanity to the process.

As to President Obama's transparency in all his health-care dealings, it is time to wake up and realize that his constituency consists of those whose live with their hands out, and not those who pay the taxes to support the freeloaders!

It is time for this country to say no to this! Recently politicians cut a back-room deal to exempt selected unions from the tax on "Cadillac" health-care programs -- the same programs that caused many of our industry leaders to go Chapter 11.

This whole administration is an absolute disaster -- saved only by the liberal network press who apparently are advocating the United States to become a second-class country. It is time we throw out the liberals and the freeloaders. They never have, and never will, make this country great!

Joel Cote

Aiken, S.C.



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