Who will stand to lead our country?

We hear from many parts of our media that many of the legislators we sent to the Capitol to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic" are wallowing in greed, mendacity and corruption. This theme is seen and heard each day in editorials, news reports, Internet blogs, op-ed writings, columns, TV channels and talk radio. Even the state media is beginning to recognize the depth and breadth of the morass.


Where are we to find leaders like our Founding Fathers who have the integrity and enough spine to place service to our country above the bribes, blandishments and coercive threats of the lobbyists, special interests, the bureaucrats and their own entrenched staffs?

Our Founding Fathers pledged their "Lives ... Fortunes and ... Sacred Honor" to form our nation.

Who and where are the men and women who will do that today? Who now will be willing to offer their lives, reputations and the safety of their families to the slings and arrows of the media and the anonymous carpers on the Internet? Where shall we find the paragons who will state their beliefs, their values and their objectives, stand for election and -- when we send them to legislate in Washington and the state capitals -- will not succumb to the pervasive corruption?

If leaders of this caliber will not step forward, we cannot expect to reverse our nation's accelerating decline into socialism, poverty and anarchy.

William T. Hussey, Evans


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