Flaws derail global warming letter

David Brown's advice in his recent letter ("Don't fall for the global warming hoax," Dec. 31) -- to write to our members of Congress and demand that they oppose global warming legislation because of the recent e-mail controversy -- was flawed in two key ways:


First, an investigation by the Associated Press revealed that the supposedly incriminating statements from the stolen e-mails were in fact taken hugely out of context, and that a serious examination of the entirety of the e-mails only affirms the consensus of thousands of scientists worldwide that anthropogenic climate change poses a massive ecological threat.

Those who continue to study the science almost unanimously agree that climate change will lead to widespread environmental destruction, human displacement and property damage, and have other serious ecological and socioeconomic ramifications.

Second, Mr. Brown ignores the plain fact that even if global climate change is somehow not the threat that scientists know it to be, the measures that would be taken in legislation seeking to counter it are in fact beneficial environmental policies regardless. Even if climate change is not occurring, pollution should still be limited.

Even if global warming doesn't pose a threat, our society needs alternative energy ever more desperately. Thus, even if scientists are somehow wrong in their consensus, America will benefit anyway from the environmental measures that arise from this issue.

Matt Shafer, Augusta



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