Cartoonist again hits the bull's-eye

It's not often you get a double dip in the morning. I refer here to another of Rick McKee's many fine cartoons, this one -- published Christmas Day -- of President Obama in bed, being greeted by a modern-day Marley's ghost, and a statement attributed to our president.

Obama was quoted on Christmas Day as saying he has proved he can make tough, unpopular decisions. I guess these tough choices include how many trips to take on Air Force One each month, how many speeches to make each week and how many times he contradicts himself on past comments. Frankly, his act is getting old.

At the same time, McKee comes up with a new, thoughtful way to expose the charlatans now running our government. God spare America, because we have a president and a national house of delegates bent on destroying this last great fortress of freedom.

Let me note that I wrote this without the aid of a teleprompter.

Carl Langley, Aiken, S.C.



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