Corporate greed hits the little guy

We, the American people, have produced vast amounts of wealth for American industry, and we have given our all. In return, all we asked for was the right to make enough money to raise our families with the ability to provide them a small piece of the American dream.

When these companies became top-heavy with massive corporate management payrolls for very few people equal to the cost of payrolls for all other employees, something had to give. Move the industry offshore to maintain these mountains of money for corporate heads, and lay off all these people who have given their lives to produce these quality products.

No way to pay for their homes, no way to pay for their cars and no way to pay for the health of their families -- and, lastly, no way to pay taxes to support the upkeep of our country.

Mike Ferguson, Augusta


Mon, 09/25/2017 - 21:14

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