Augusta, prepare to be entertained

When Augusta-Richmond County entertainment complex General Manager Monty Jones gave his report at our December meeting we, the members of the Augusta-Richmond County Coliseum Authority, were amazed at how many tremendous shows were including Augusta on their tours, and even more pleased at how well the CSRA is supporting these events.


R. Kelly sold out in October; Carrie Underwood sold out in just over 20 minutes (beating out her ticket sales in Columbia, S.C.); Jason Aldean sold out in a week; and Willie Nelson has sold more tickets to his show here than anywhere else on his tour. Plus, there were other shows that were well-received and well-attended.

Global Spectrum has made great strides getting the Bell Auditorium and James Brown Arena into top-notch condition, so when entertainers perform and patrons attend shows they have a more pleasant experience. They have worked hard to secure shows that habitually have passed by our city. Ovations Food Services' catering is attentive and sensitive to the needs of the patrons, hiring friendly staff and working hard to give everyone great food service at events.

No matter how many or how good the bookings are, no matter how clean the building is or how good the concessions staff and food are, the complex can't be successful without the support and tickets sales of the community. Citizens' support has given Global Spectrum new collateral in their presentations to promoters of these shows.

As members of the authority that oversees the Bell and James Brown Arena, we want all of you who are supporting the shows to know you are the reason you are seeing a new level of entertainment options coming to Augusta.

While out in the area we have all been told "Great job," "You guys are really bringing in good shows," and "The new group on the authority has really cleaned it up down there." The truth of this is that the authority only supports what Global is doing! The reason the bottom line looks good is because you, the citizens, are supporting what Global Spectrum is doing.

The good news is that if you continue to support the shows the way you have the past year, the entertainment choices coming to Augusta will continue to grow. In this holiday season when we all reflect on our blessings, we at the authority want to say thanks to Global Spectrum for putting the home of the Godfather of Soul -- the building that bears his name -- and the Bell on the entertainment map!

More importantly, we want to say thanks and express our gratitude for the community's support of the complex, and want you to know if you bought tickets or even attended a non-ticketed event you are a very big part of the success the complex is experiencing. We hope you continue to support us, and know Global Spectrum and the authority will do everything within its power to get first-class shows and present audiences with a clean building and professional staff.

It is our goal for 2010 that the shows only get better. Thank you again, and Happy New Year!

Cedric Johnson, Bonita Jenkins, Shirley Darby, Hap Harris, David Hogg, Joseph Collier and Brad Usry


(The writers comprise the Augusta-Richmond County Coliseum Authority.)



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