Don't fall for the global warming hoax

The e-mails from the scientists who are perpetuating the scam of anthropogenic -- manmade -- global warming were hacked and have been published on the Internet.


The scientists of the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University in England have been working overtime to alter data, suppress evidence and prevent those who oppose anthropogenic global warming theory from having their evidence published!

It now turns out that a similar climate research unit in New Zealand also has "manipulated" its data to fit the theory of global warming!

Much of the evidence for global warming has been fabricated to support anthropogenic global warming. We have been told scary stories of how carbon emissions will cause flooding, melt ice caps, increase illness -- and polar bears are drowning. All of it is untrue.

It appears that, as in Galileo's time, the true believers are using fear and ignorance to scare people into supporting their "true religion." Scientists, in the pursuit of their own interests (power), have abandoned objectivity.

The "church" these true believers belong to is one that worships Earth and seeks power to defend Gaia, the Earth goddess. The priests wrap themselves in the robes of science.

Think what the hoax of global warming has cost Americans in energy policies that prevent Americans from developing our own energy resources. Think about the taxes on the energy resources we do develop. Think about the Orwellian regulations strapped to all industries that emit carbon.

All of this was done based on the faulty, manipulated "science" of global warming.

Please write to your senators and representatives to stop any more laws or regulations based on the created "crisis" of global warming until the facts can be fully ascertained and the bad science separated from the good science.

David G. Brown




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