Why Christianity? The reasons abound

Why Christianity? Because there was a manger; because there was a baby born; because angels sang and the shepherds heard them; and wise men sought the baby and worshiped Him.


Why Christianity? Because this baby represented God's love for the world, and there was a cross in Jerusalem that made it possible for us to know God.

Why Christianity? Because at this time of year, the whole world remembers the birth of that baby!

Why Christianity? Because this baby's birth is not a myth or a fable, as some would have us believe. He lived, died and rose from the dead -- and lives in the hearts of those who receive Him.

Why Christianity? Because the sciences we study reveal the wonderment of the universe -- the planets and stars that cannot be numbered, moving about at great speeds without colliding; because archeological findings support the historical records of the Bible; because geology shows a young Earth with sea-life fossils in the sedimentary stratum of the mountains; and because a single cell is so complex, it could only be created by God!

Why Christianity? Because it meets the needs of the human heart that really, inwardly, seeks to know God.

Gil Ward




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