Take back government from Sanford

To all of those who think it's time to take back our government:


The recent censure of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is another embarrassment to our great state. Here is a man who turned his back on his state and abandoned his post for almost a week telling no one on his staff. And in the end, all our legislature does is censure him.

To me, a censure is somewhere between mildly harsh language and a slight tap on the wrist to Sanford -- that is to say, it has no effect at all on how he governs. What does a censure mean? Does he still sign legislation? Yes! Does he still veto legislation? Yes! Does he still get paid by the taxpayers of South Carolina? Yes! Is he still governor? Yes!

I know it is late in Sanford's term, but a basic principle of responsible government has been violated, and Sanford must be held accountable and suffer some real consequences for his irresponsible, if not criminal, actions.

This is our state government, not Mark Sanford's. We need to take our government back.

David G. Jaspers

Aiken, S.C.


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