Editorial page does splendid work

The Dec. 6 editorial page is priceless.


To start with, the marvelous cartoon by Rick McKee. I admire his splendid talent, and now he shows he knows history.

I am an American who heard Churchill's address on the radio. It was delivered in the darkest days for Britain. They were suffering daily destruction by Hitler's Luftwaffe . There were blackouts, and Londoners were taking refuge in the underground. Here was a leader who inspired his countrymen: "We shall never surrender."

Yes, a true leader, and look at who we have here as commander in chief now. The guy isn't worthy of any comparison, which at best would be odious, let alone leading this great nation.

Rick's cartoon, combined with Charles Krauthammer's marvelous column, is no coincidence, I am sure. It is due to editorial direction.

Let me commend Rick for his cartoon and for his work in the past.

Let me also commend Editorial Page Editor Michael Ryan. I thank them both.

E.J. Mullane

Aiken, S.C.



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