Party meeting's actions were shameful

On. Dec. 4, I attended a called committee meeting of the Columbia County Republican Party at the Columbia County Government Complex. I was unsure of the purpose of the meeting, as no prior explanation was sent out by the executive board or ethics committee.


It was not until I received an e-mail from the Columbia County Republican Party chairman, Lawrence Hammond, that I had some idea why the meeting had been called. Once in attendance, it was clear that the only purpose of the meeting was to impeach Mr. Hammond as the CCRP chairman.

No evidence was produced to support the complaints that were filed by the committee. The vote to impeach Mr. Hammond occurred approximately seven minutes into the discussion period. It was apparent that members of the ethics committee rounded up members and acquaintances to attend the meeting to drive the desired outcome.

If the above proceedings were not enough, the committee was unable to properly lead and manage the meeting. The meeting did not begin on time, and half of the members were not present when the meeting was finally called to order. Debbie McCord, a former CCRP chairwoman, had to intervene on several occasions to correct mishandlings of the meeting and try to maintain order. As the meeting continued, committee members became increasingly disruptive and inappropriate comments were made.

Even though I was in attendance at the meeting, and have read forwarded complaints, I still find it hard to determine what Mr. Hammond did to necessitate such a decision. Time should have been allotted to read and expand on the complaints so that the actions in question were understood by all.

As a former chairwoman of the CCRP Teenage Republicans, it is with a heavy heart that I have to take a stand against the actions taken by the ethics committee. I will no longer take part in any activities sanctioned or sponsored by the CCRP until this wrong can be made right.

A. Ashley Greenwood, Evans



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