Guest column did disservice to Palin

Thanks for publishing such a biased article about Sarah Palin as "Palin a new kind of puzzle for GOP" (Dec. 18).


The GOP establishment has good reason to fear her, as do the Democrats. She cleaned house in Alaska, and some of the former GOP there are now guests of the state.

Your guest columnist's cheap shot about Palin expressing skepticism about man-caused global warming did not mention that a significant number of atmospheric scientists also are skeptical, as well as much of the public. He did not mention that Earth has gone through cooling and warming cycles on a regular basis with no assistance from humans. He did not mention that Palin sold the governor's jet, nor that she declined a chauffeur and a state limousine.

One person cannot change Washington, D.C., that much, but she would set an example that the rest of the politicians would not like to emulate.

P.S.: Visitng Augusta -- great city!

Tore Fossum, Dickinson, Texas



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