Hannity, Rather cases are different

Regarding Matt Alan's letter to the editor ("Chastise Hannity as you did Rather," Dec. 2):


I don't believe The Chronicle needs to accept Mr. Alan's challenge to chastise Sean Hannity as it did Dan Rather.

I am not a fan of Hannity, either. But let's remember the differences in the reporting of Hannity and Rather.

Rather was doing an intentionally negative report in 2004 on President Bush and memos critical of Bush's Air National Guard service. It was proved that the documents Rather produced were bogus. He has not apologized that I know of.

It was proved that the video footage Hannity used of a rally was from another rally. Yet it was actually "real" not faked footage from a very similar event. Hannity was not malicious in his intent. As a matter of fact, he was being positive. Hannity did apologize.

I hope everyone sees the difference.

Ray Pierce, Aiken, S.C.



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