District 1 win was victory for CSRA

It more than sickens me when people make elections about race instead of candidates' views, vision and record. Character and determination get things done, not skin color.


These very people who make an election about melanin are the very ones who rush to quote the famous "judge not by the color of skin, but by the content of character" line of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., only to turn around and hold a press conference so Leona Helmsley wannabe Betty Beard and alleged men of God can project racial vitriol and so these civic-minded pillars of the community can demand that the electorate not vote for a candidate just because of his skin color.

To top it all off, even the legality of this person's candidacy was questioned because of the color of his skin -- not his ideas or his vision or his record.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of the good people of Augusta's District 1 for rejecting the intense hatred displayed by Betty Beard and her venomous ilk. In a district that has a racial ratio of 2-to-1 favoring the victor's opponent, the voters spoke against divisiveness and for the better candidate as a person, not a demographic. The electorate spoke against tyrannical mind control spewed by pseudo-servants pursuing personal power and influence, and voted for its conscience. For that, many see Augusta moving forward.

The people of District 1 performed a huge service for Augusta and the CSRA, and are to be commended for their desire to put racial rancor aside and to act on their desire, not just talk about it. To show how proud I am, I went out of my way to make some purchases at businesses within District 1. Was it enough to erase civic financial challenges? No. But that day will be here soon.

Georgia's second-largest city and the CSRA's hub has an enormous opportunity to advance this area and state. Do not let the people down.

Lee Benedict




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