Staff, deputies' help was exemplary

While my children and I were finishing up an Augusta Swim League sponsored swim meet at the Augusta Aquatic Center on Nov. 22, I accidently locked my keys in our car. You might recall it was raining and cold, and getting dark at about 5 p.m.

The very kind staff at the Aquatic Center went above and beyond the call of duty by walking with me to a deputy sheriff outside monitoring the parked cars. The deputy called her supervisor, and another deputy was at the facility to assist me within 20 minutes. What could have been a disastrous ending to a weekend of great swimming was graciously and quickly resolved by their hospitality, and we were on our way home.

"Thank you" seems inadequate. I could not have been more pleased. The city of Augusta should be very proud.

Debbie Kosater, Macon



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