Illegals are robbing others of jobs

I found it very interesting how the leaders of the black churches demonstrated solidarity in the support for a black candidate to represent the interest of their community in the District 1 Augusta Commission runoff.

I have a question for these pastors: Where is their passion and solidarity for the jobs being lost to the black community because of all the illegals taking said jobs? Surely these pastors are aware of this fact.

Not all of the jobs taken by illegals are low-paying labor jobs such as in yard service. Many of the jobs are good-paying jobs -- e.g., highways and building. An example would be the recent Interstate 20 project. Also, go to any housing construction site and see for yourself.

The pastors and leaders of the black community should be demanding that the local government and law enforcement crack down on those who employ illegals. Also, contact state legislators for assistance in obtaining the tools to get the jobs.

Frank Scharite, Augusta



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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