Government care is a waiting game

If you want another example of how government-run health care will affect you, consider this.


The Veterans Administration runs a government health program that provides health care for veterans. I am a veteran, and I went to my VA doctor in January for my annual checkup. I had a persistent problem with my neck and I requested a referral to a chiropractor. The doctor told me it would take a while because the one chiropractor the VA had was backed up.

I saw the doctor again in July, and mentioned that it had been six months and I had not received an appointment yet. He put in a second, follow-up request.

In October I called the doctor and told him I still had not been scheduled. He said that they were so backed up that they were referring patients who had waited more than 90 days to outside doctors. I had been waiting more than nine months, so he put in a third request.

On Nov. 25, more than 10 months after I first asked for an appointment, I received a letter with an appointment date. My appointment is scheduled for Aug. 13, 2010 -- 19 months after I requested an appointment!

Put away American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Jerry Springer and the Oscars for a little while and get serious. This is what you are in for if enough Democrat politicians' votes are bought to pass this abomination -- another government-run health plan.

God help us all!

Richard Banks, Augusta



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