Radicals overshadow peaceful Muslims

Nazir Ahmad Sheikh ("Don't point fingers at peaceful Muslims," Dec. 5) has really touched my last little nerve and gone over the top calling the murder of young soldiers an "unfortunate event." Call it what it was: a cold-blooded act of terrorism carried out by a whackjob follower of Islam.


Mr. Sheikh says we cannot implicate a religion on the murders.

My religion does not advocate killing people who do not believe as I do. Does his?

My religion does not condone killing a daughter who has converted to another religion. Does his?

My religion does not teach that you go to heaven by blowing yourself and innocent people to bits. Does his?

My religion does not think it a crime, worthy of death, to possess the book of another religion. Does his?

My religion does not relegate females to a zero status. Does his?

Mr. Sheikh points to nutcase acts of killings in this country by individuals. We do have some, as do all societies. The main difference is that they did not target a people of another religion. Two jets that brought down the Twin Towers were under the control of "peace-loving" Muslims who thought they would go straight to heaven. I have no idea where they went, but I can assure you I have hopes as to where they are, and it is not sitting at the right hand of any one, and 72 virgins are not involved.

Mr. Sheikh mentioned militias. There are some and they are very much off the deep end but, again, they do not target innocent nonbelievers.

He calls the murders at Fort Hood an "unfortunate event." What would he call 9-11 ? A minor accident?

My finger is pointed at Muslims. I am sure there are peace-loving Muslims but they are vastly overshadowded by the bloodthirsty terrorists all over the world yelling "Allahu akbar!" before they kill innocents.

John Gasko, Martinez



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