Fear of Muslims is merely racist hatred

This is in response to the letter "Don't ignore potential Muslim threat" (Nov. 25).

In the letter, Lawrence Smith says he believes the Muslim faith is a threat to American citizens. Like a typical Muslim-hater, Mr. Smith conveniently overlooks the fact that there are thousands of Muslims who are American citizens who pose no threat to this country. Mr. Smith seems to be afflicted with the same narrow-minded, fearmongering, racist mentality that led to the Japanese-American concentration camps in this country during World War II.

The Muslim faith specifically. and religion in general. is not the evil that now threatens our American way of life. The national debt, the greed of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve are an axis of evil that daily threatens the financial lives of all Americans of all faiths.

Kevin Palmer



Tue, 08/15/2017 - 23:26

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