Republican pulls old bait-and-switch

Sen. Lindsey Graham is trying to sell us a pig in a poke. The expression comes from the practice of buying what is thought to be a porker, only to find that it's a cat in a bag.


The dictionary definition is to make a risky purchase without inspecting the items beforehand. In addition, it can be applied to accepting an idea or plan without a full understanding of its basis.

Sen. Graham realized that he cannot sell us on the idea of increasing our energy bill by $1,200 per year (cap and trade), so he tried to sell us on this idea of becoming energy-independent through so-called emerging green energy and alternative energy.

This is a bait-and-switch con. He baits us with one thing and switches to another. He is a common criminal -- and not a smart one at that. With few exceptions, politicians who have voted for socialized medicine and this energy deception are criminals who have broken their oath to the Constitution. Nowhere in our Constitution are they authorized to do so.

These criminals think voters are dumber than dirt. What needs to be done, come Election Day, is to remove every incumbent from office. Treason trails would come next.

Andy Windham

Wagener, S.C.



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