Government-run health care works

The Augusta Chronicle's opinion-shaping to the contrary, a great many of its subscribers -- those of us out here in the real world, including this North Augusta household -- fully support health-care reform legislation now working its way through the Senate.


The profit motive has no place in health care, and is, in fact, a disincentive to provide care in the best interests of patients and of the system as a whole. As a former health-care equipment provider, I experienced uneven and misleading processes, intentional complexities and outright abuses of providers and beneficiaries by private health insurance bureaucrats. It's a classic shell game -- now you see it, now you don't.

The basic fact here is this: Health insurance companies, left to their own designs, operate fraudulently. Medicare works. Medicaid works. The VA offers up a fine example of government run health care. As a Vietnam veteran, I continue to benefit from the excellent care provided by the Augusta VAMC.

A public option will benefit all.

J.M. Bower

North Augusta, S.C.