Don't point fingers at peaceful Muslims

In response to Dewey Galeas of Grovetown ("Where's dissent from peaceful Muslims?" Nov. 21):


We, the Muslims of greater Augusta, are very active and visible in our community affairs. We have expressed a deep sense of shock over the unfortunate event at Fort Hood, Texas. It is the act of an individual based on his own mind-set, and you cannot implicate a religion in it. It is similar to the shooting rampage that happened at Virginia Tech a couple of years back. Would you then say, "Where are the peace-loving Christians?"

This is basically wrong and immoral. Where was Mr. Galeas when killings in malls, churches, businesses and schools, and daily domestic violence, are happening, many in his own metro area regularly? Has he ever put the blame on Christianity or the Christians at large?

The old proverb goes: You must think before you speak. In this case, Mr. Galeas apparently must search the facts, and then write and point fingers at a community or one of its elite members.

What has Mr. Galeas been doing when militias have been taking up arms against our U.S. government? Militias are active from Michigan to Alaska based on a report in The Chronicle ("Militia movement alive," Nov. 22).

Nazir Ahmad Sheikh, MASCE, P.E.




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