Mammogram guidelines are outrageous

After Breast Cancer Awareness Month, countless articles and reflections with personal stories of breast cancer survivors in The Augusta Chronicle and even a pink newspaper, I read this Chronicle headline recently: "Guidelines say delay mammograms."


Should women, especially, take comfort in knowing a government task force claims breast self-exams do no good? Is this one of the new government medical programs that may be in control of our health care?

It just goes to prove the old saying: Believe half of what you read and none of what you hear. I hope that many people write in who have survived breast cancer because of early detection to contradict this latest "research" -- not to mention relatives of those who have died from breast cancer at the ages of 30 to 50.

When reading a news article that seems so ridiculous and out of the realm of common sense or even contrary, nine times out of 10 you can bet a pizza it's from, yes, Associated Press. My rule of thumb in reading newspapers is if an article source is the Associated Press, I'll just skip it and go on to something else.

Hmmm. Will the next big headline 10 years from now read "Breast cancer surging to new highs"? My wife, who is a long way from 50, is keeping her mammogram appointment in January and will continue her self-exams. We don't care what the Associated Press says!

A good reporter from The Chronicle might consider doing interviews and stories with some local physicians and their comments about this new study. Now that might prove to be interesting reading.

Robbie McMillan, Waynesboro



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