Israeli wall is unfair to Palestinians

This month the world celebrated with great joy the 20-year anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Recently, we returned from a trip to Israel and the former Palestine -- a very depressing sight, somewhat reminiscent of what we saw in Germany's past.


However, the wall we saw was not built to keep people apart, or protect Israeli citizens in Sderot from crude rockets fired from Gaza. Since there was one suicide bomber in 2006 and none since, obviously that is also not the real reason for the continuing construction of this wall, now 70-percent completed.

This concrete monstrosity measuring up to 26 feet high, follows only 15 percent of the Green Line, the internationally recognized boundary between the West Bank and Israel. It separates Palestinian farmers from harvesting their own crops; keeps most water resources for the Israelis; and confiscates prime agricultural lands.

We witnessed a huge military presence protecting illegal settlers and harassing Palestinians with constant roadblocks, etc. The number of new illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land shocked us.

One only has to look at a map to see what is happening there. The monstrous wall does nothing to promote peaceful co-existence or security for Israelis or Palestinians.

Israel: Tear down this wall!

William M. Johnson, M.D.

Marlene E. Johnson




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