Where's dissent from peaceful Muslims?

The Fort Hood massacre was two weeks ago now. Murder. Horror. Cowardice. Terrorism.


Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a native-born Muslim -- blessed by the opportunities our great nation provides; protected by our laws; enjoying our freedoms -- finally expressed and committed what appears to have always been in his heart; what he has heard in the mosques he attended; either actively planned or looked aside at such activity.

That brings to mind our own local Muslim community and its leaders -- Dr. Hossam Fadel, of the Islamic Society of Augusta, foremost among them ("Augusta Muslims say they face suspicion," Nov. 12). Where is the outrage or denunciation required of this act? I have waited two full weeks for evidence of such. But perhaps it is not allowed in a group with such active sympathies for these heinous acts. I suggest Muslims express such outrage soon, if they wish to be defined in their own terms. Otherwise, deeds will overshadow any words they wish to beguile us with in the future.

Don't bother to advise the authorities of my words. As a returning war veteran, the Obama administration likely has already declared me a threat to national security. Sadly, it has not done the same for those whom some Muslims associate with, embrace and shield.

Dewey Galeas


(The writer is a retired U.S. Army major.)



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