General was far too politically correct

I want to congratulate The Augusta Chronicle's outstanding editorial Nov. 12 on those who apologize for America's supposed sins against the Muslim terrorists and others ("If anyone's ill, it's apologists").


The editorial was correct in its assertion that the really ill ones in this nation are those who are quick to employ political correctness as a defense against those who would kill us.

Appalling to me in recent days was the comment by Gen. George Casey, the Army chief of staff, who in the best of hand-wringing fashion conceded that the killings of 13 Americans at Fort Hood was a tragedy, but then observed that if the event had a disastrous effect on diversity, that would be an even greater tragedy.

I could not believe that an American military commander would utter such abject nonsense, but then realized he was being politically correct, thereby casting the new image for the modern military. ...

I submit that if Gens. Douglas MacArthur and George Patton, my personal World War II heroes, were alive today, they would be kicking Casey's rear all over the Fort Hood parade grounds.

Carl Langley

Aiken, S.C.