Put Fennoy on Augusta Commission

I wholeheartedly support candidate William Fennoy to represent District 1 on the Augusta Commission.


Fennoy was my good neighbor for many years, and was always concerned about local government. He and I would talk politics for hours, and he was well-informed because he attended Augusta Commission meetings.

He often had good suggestions and would relay them to the district commissioner. I recall how he often would talk about waste in our local government and property-tax increases.

He volunteered on several occasions to work with candidates' campaign committees and didn't mind doing the hard work such as putting up signs and preparing food for rallies.

He was very dependable and dedicated, and was a creditable advisor to a number of politicians. He had a lot of input about what people expected from government and would express it.

Once he had a big barbecue and rally for the whole Regalwood Neighborhood supporting the candidacy of late Augusta Commissioner Henry Brigham. He said at that time he wanted Brigham to hear what was in the minds of the voters, and he asked each person present to say something regardless.

This is the Fennoy I know, and I am not supporting him because he is black. I am supporting him because I believe he will be a good servant for all the people.

There will be some of my people voting for him because he is black, just as there will be white people who will vote for Matt Aitken because he is white. It works both ways - yet I can understand my people because the lack of trust of white politicians still remains as it was 100 years ago, and until we are shown differently, things will not change.

And I know, too, that some white people helped elect a black president. Amen!

Tracy E. Williams Jr.




Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:29

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