Stop homosexual discrimination now

Gil Ward's letter ("Homosexuality is far too pervasive," Nov. 5) leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I am disgusted with my fellow human beings that shallowly preach their God and their Bible's message of "love" and "morals," while hypocritically turning their backs on the rights of fellow Americans.


The assertion that homosexuality is a choice is obnoxious. Maybe if Gil actually perused scientific literature instead of thumping his Bible he would see the strong contribution genetics and environment have in determining sexual orientation. Studies of identical twins, which share the same set of genes, show a definite genetic component to homosexuality, even though the specific gene (if there is even just one) has not been identified.

However, even if homosexuality was a choice, the fact would be irrelevant because this is a free country, and we as citizens have the luxury of making choices. Gil is mistaken to think that "all our civil laws ... come from the Bible." This great nation has a separation of church and state, meaning that religious views are protected. However, religious views also cannot be forced upon another citizen. Our Founding Fathers would be shocked that the Bible could be used as legal justification for preventing homosexual marriage.

Despite recent disappointments with the performance of our government, I am still strongly patriotic, and I believe in a democracy of the people, by the people and for the people. This does not mean that the majority rules. One of the most important roles of the government is to protect minority groups from the whims of the majority. Not so long ago, Gil Ward might have been writing a similar letter complaining about miscegenation being too pervasive.

To hateful bigots in the Augusta community, get off your high horses and let homosexuals live their lives. In a country that proclaims equality as a core value, oppressing the minority of homosexuals with hateful speech and bans on marriage is unpatriotic and immoral.

The homosexual lifestyle is a private matter that does not harm or even affect anyone outside homosexual relationships. For God's sake, our country must stop this ridiculous discrimination against fellow Americans.

J.R. Barrett, Martinez



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