Hospices serve an important care role

November is National Hospice Month, and as the executive director of one of our local hospice organizations, I would like to thank the many hospice companies and employees in the CSRA and surrounding communities.


Your high quality of care and support has provided families with hope, love and dignity. Your tireless efforts have helped people live every moment of life to the fullest, leaving loved ones with memories they can treasure.

Hospice care would not be possible without the dedicated volunteers who play a vital role in providing support during life's most difficult time for our families.

As a reminder to our community: Learn about your options for end-of-life services and care. Implement plans to ensure that your wishes are honored. Voice your decisions to family, friends and health-care providers. Engage in personal or community efforts to improve end-of-life care.

Remember: When you die may not be a choice, but how you live is!

Mimi Powell, Augusta