Our nation needs lots of reforms -- now

It's past time for the government to give back the freedoms given by our Constitution and get out of everyday details of our lives.


We need to remove lawyers from the lawmaking process along with career politicians, as both become self-serving entities no matter how noble they start their public service careers -- leaving "we the people" to suffer.

Tort reform; revamping of the Food and Drug Administration, making it truly responsible for the drugs it allows on the market from a corrupt pharmaceuticals industry; and more oversight of the insurance industry would be a great start to health-care reform. The only problem with this approach is the corruption in government that brought the United States to the acute problems we presently face.

Laws and oversight by the public that severely punish those that breach public faith would have to be put in place and followed.

So-called "white-collar crime" is more devastating than the present punishments make it appear. A slap on the hand doesn't send much of a message to those who would steal all that we have -- our present state and federal government .

Bobby Cordell

North Augusta, S.C.


Fri, 08/18/2017 - 02:40

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