Homosexuality is far too pervasive

I would like to respond to the guest column written by Melissa Hoskins ("Obama, secretary right to support gay deputy," Oct. 28).


This is a difficult subject to write about because today homosexuality -- even though it represents only a very small percent of our society -- has grown to supposed respectability. It is promoted on television, in movies, politically and even in schools and churches.

Yet, its history is that of immoral decay of cities and nations. Homosexuals cannot reproduce; therefore, they enter the public square to induce children and young people to believe homosexuality is an attractive way of life, and not to be looked down upon.

All our civil laws that we live by come from the Bible; we are not to lie, cheat, steal, swear or kill, and the rest of "thou shall nots" are in the Ten Commandments. There is a natural dislike for the Bible because it reveals our sin and tells us the way we should live. Homosexuality is referred to in the Bible as a lust of the flesh, a wicked sin; and no matter how well we dress it up to be made more acceptable to society, it is still a sin.

Homosexuality is not only immoral, it is also abnormal. Sodomy is the distinction that classifies it and separates it from the rest of us. At one time here in America, sodomy was against the law and was punishable by spending several years in jail. It does not uplift society as one can tell by watching one of their parades.

Homosexuals would have us believe that they were born this way; but that is not true because too many of them have turned away from that lifestyle to a heterosexual, married life, through faith in Jesus Christ. They can change if they wished to!

Gil Ward




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