Obama health plan is clear as mud

Only 21st-century American politicians could come up with a convoluted con like "opting out of an option." Or "opting out of a public option."


First, the "public" part is left undefined -- thus, while it sounds like the public gets a choice, what it really means is the public gets no choice, but the government (calling itself "public") gets the option, which means the people get no choice at all, which could be defined as slavery.

Then the "option" part. And the "opting" part. Goodness, where to begin figuring out such a scam? An option is defined as a choice or alternative. So, it's a choice without a choice, since the "public" already has been defined as a few government people and not individual American citizens.

Then the choice to "opt out." That could be written as "an option to not option or to option." Is anybody sure what it means? Clearly, it's not clear at all. And that's what Obama and his goons and henchmen in Congress like best -- the opposite of clarity -- while they keep on screaming how "open and transparent" they are.

What a bloody mess! And the mess is "leading" us?

Bill Dekle




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