Breast cancer coverage was outstanding

I would like to commend The Augusta Chronicle and Staff Writer Tom Corwin for the excellent job they did with this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Month theme and articles. From their "pink" newsprint edition Oct. 1, to the informative educational series, to their "stories of survival," I believe they were successful in increasing our community's awareness of this disease in a very positive manner.


As the husband of a 12-year breast cancer survivor, I can attest to the importance of regular screening; early detection and treatment; education; and support groups. The newspaper emphasized them all October. This was not the case for us in October 1997. The "unknown" and waiting we experienced were devastating. That is why the paper's effort is so important today.

I expect there will be a few who question why the paper dedicated so much time and effort to one disease. In response, I would argue that all of the points made last month about breast cancer could be transferable to other diseases and types of cancer. Screening, early detection, education and support can be applied to prostate cancer and diabetes.

In concert with The Augusta Chronicle, area hospitals and other organizations have played host to numerous activities (from the Think Pink Dinner to the Miracle Mile Walk) throughout October to increase awareness, plus recognize survivors and raise money for treatment and research. Augusta should be very proud of this level of awareness and caring, and of its local resources -- the area's medical/surgical expertise; the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment; numerous groups for emotional and spiritual support; and readily available education).

A generation ago, breast cancer was not mentioned in public and was usually kept a family secret. This month, breast cancer survivors were portraits of hope in this newspaper.

Thank you!

Andy Anderson, Martinez